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Our Ethos


Our School Ethos

At Batley Parish our foundations are rooted in a stong Christian base whereby a loving environment is created that allows children to grow and develop in a rich and broad curriculum. Individually, collectively and within the community, these Christian values are embedded. 

At the heart of the school ethos are the Christian values from the Christian Faith. As a school, we nurture and develop our children, giving them the skills and spiritual guidance to become caring and tolerant adults. 

Christian Values

At Batley Parish CE (VA) Junior, Infant and Nursery the Christian Values of: love, friendship, compassion, forgiveness, trust, equality and respect are embedded and lived by in every part of school life. Children and staff attend collective worship and assemblies on a daily basis to learn and practise these values. Through quality R.E. teaching, children are given the opportunity to make decisions for themselvesand to learn about different faiths.  


Mission Statement

The Governors and staff of Batley Parish School affirm its foundation to be rooted in a strong Christian base and belief and a loving Christian environment, providing an ideal context for growth and for delivering a rich, broad and balanced curriculum and entitlement both individually and collectively, which reaches into community life.

At the heart of the 'ethos' at Batley Parish School lies the Christian Faith and from that the importance attached to nurturing and developing in our youngsters, the skills and objectives that will enable them to develop into tolerant caring adults with an inner spiritual contentment to guide them through, and along, the various stages of life.

Our Vision

At Batley Parish Junior, Infant and Nursery School we recognise that every child is unique and that our core purpose is to facilitate the best possible growth and development for each individual. We understand our place at the heart of our locality and will endeavour to grow our position as a central pillar of the Batley community. We will develop the social and technological needs of our learners to help to prepare them for life in 21st century Britain. Our school family will create a home from home, which includes fulfilling many roles traditionally seen as parental responsibilities and supporting our families whenever help is needed.  We will ensure that all Batley Parish children are safe and healthy in body and mind. Our children will be confident, independent and aspirational, driven by our Christian values and the ability to decide what is morally right. Our curriculum will focus on deepening understanding, using real life experiences to arouse young minds animated by inspirational teaching and learning environment.

Love, compassion, Equality, Forgiveness, Respect, Trust and Friendship
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