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Autumn Term 1st Half 2017


What are we learning this term?

Our topic this first half term is called, 'Marvellous Me!' which is a lovely topic that enables us to get to know the children in our reception class and support them in getting to know one another. We also follow your child's interests and therefore the topic can change in response to this. We play name games and plan circle time sessions where we can help children make friends and become confident asking adults for help. We also help children to become familiar with and confident in accessing all areas of the classroom. 

During this time we also carry out baseline assessments of your child to find out what they can do. We use information from their previous setting to gain a picture of your child and plan the next steps in their development. Baseline assessments are planned carefully and consist of adults observing your child in play and one to one checks in maths and phonics. Our staff are fantastic at interacting in and observing play. We then upload these observations, both photographic and written onto our electronic tracking system, which is called, Early Essence. You will be invited to attend a parents workshop in the Autumn term to gain a password so that you can then read these observations at home and enjoy finding out what your child has been learning. You can also upload your own observations to contribute to your child's learning journey.

We will keep you informed about what children have been learning at school through weekly class newsletters. We also send home a half termly topic web which provides an overview of what we will be teaching and learning about at school.

Come and have a look inside our classroom!

Our Timetable

Settling into our school life

This is a very exciting time in you and your child's life as it is when their school journey begins. It can be an anxious time but we also hope that it is an exciting time for you and your child. For all our children, we aim to make transition into the Reception class as seamless as possible. Your child will have visited the Reception class in the Summer term. For those children who attended our school Nursery, our classroom will be familiar as it mirrors that which is in Nursery.  Equally for those children who did not attend our school Nursery, your child will have visited their new classroom in July and Miss James will have visited them in their Nursery setting.

We do not stagger our intake as we believe that children are ready to begin their school life and are well supported by members of staff. They quickly become familiar with routines of the day and we use a visual timetable to help them cope with this. Your child will be supported at lunchtimes by the dinner ladies who will take care of your children and help them become familar with the new routines. In addition to this Miss James will have a school dinner and eat with the children for the first two weeks. If your child has any allergies or food intolerances our school cook is very accomodating and will ensure that their dietary needs are met. 

We take time to get to know each child and their families. Children are welcomed into our classroom and by our school. They are supported to make friends or link up with old ones. We help them cope with new routines and transitions such as having their dinner in the school hall and having a weekly P.E session. 

Weekly Newsletters

Each week we send home a class newsletter which allows us to share with you what the children have been learning about that week at school. We also send home parent messages and important dates to keep you well informed about what is happening in your child's school life!

Home School Learning

We value the importance of extending your child's learning and development at home. We would like to share with you some photographs to illustrate what children in the Reception Class have been learning at home!


Making cheese snails at home with Grandma! 


Cheese snails baking in the oven! Yummy!


Someone is enjoying baking cheese snails at home!


Carefully using a spatula to spread the pasta sauce on top

of the pastry!


Going on a snail hunt at home! Spotted one!


Is that a snail? It doesnt have a shell but it does have one foot!

The Evil Pea has caused mayhem at home!


The evil pea has trapped the carrot in the freezer! Look at what has happened! I wonder how we can help him escape from the ice!


Using salt and warm water to help free the frozen carrot! This activity is great for helping children talk about and understand change!


Yum Yum!! Delicious home made sweet potato mash!! 

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