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Learning about being healthy!


We had a really busy week of learning about how to keep our bodies healthy and clean. We learnt the importance of washing our hands and keeping our bodies clean. We also learnt that we have to eat a rainbow diet and eat lots of different coloured foods. We made delicious fruit smoothies using spinach, orange juice, red berries, banana and a squeeze of honey! They were delicious! We also learnt a song to help us to remember the importance of washing our hands. We tasted different fruits and vegetables and we carried out a class survey to find out which we preferred the most. We then created a class graph to show our findings. Supertato and the evil pea caused mayhem in our classroom and we had to create own Supertato models using real potatoes. We are also making a giant rainbow collage which we hope to complete this week. We had a great week and we hope you enjoy these photographs of our learning at home and at school!


We learnt a song that can help us remember how important it is to wash our hands. We watched a video about being germ busters. Here are the lyrics to the song. We will upload a video shortly of us singing this at school!

'Wash, wash your hands,

wash nasty germs away,

if you dont, you might get ill,

and that would spoil your day!'






Making Fruit Smoothies! Yum!

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