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Spring and New Life

What are we learning this term?

We are so excited this term as we have welcomed the new birth of the chicks to our classroom.   

The children have been fascinated watching the chicks push their way out of their eggs and watch with awe and wonder as the chicks arrive into our world!  The chicks are then moved into a warm incubator with their brothers and sisters and the children are delighted to watch as their feathers become yellow and fluffy. 

The children have also been able to handle the chicks and learn about the life cycle of a chicken.  We have then been learning facts about chickens using a non-fiction information book and searching on Google. 


chick imagechick 2PicCollage (27)

Parents as Partners

Please find a copy of our weekly newsletter below and a copy of our new Homework Grid.

Our Wonderful Classroom

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PicCollage (10) chciks

What are we learning to do in Mathematics?

This term we have been learning how to count objects up to twenty. This has included counting objects that can be moved and those that cannot be moved. We have been using a ten frame to count objects onto and this helps us to count accurately. You can find a copy of this in the Parents as Partners section above if you would like to download and print this at home. By the end of the Reception year children must be able to count with and order numbers up to twenty. This also includes saying one more and one less than a number up to twenty. You can practice this at home by counting backwards with your child from 20. You can draw the numbers outside and encourage your child to jump and count backwards. 

We will also be learning how to estimate and check by counting. We will be using the Easter theme to encourage children to guess how many eggs they can see and then check by counting. We have provided lots of maths activities that you can do at home to support your child's understanding of mathematics.

The children have also been using numicon to help them understand the place value of numbers up to twenty. We have been teaching them that the one in a teens number represents ten.  We have then been demonstrating how many ones are in a teens number. This really helps their understanding of a number when they are in Year One. 


numiconten frame

This is an example of a ten frame. The children then count objects onto the frame which helps support their accuracy in counting and understanding of number. 

Learning at home

We would like to share with you what some of our children have been learning at home and celebrate their achievements and interests below. Please continue to share photographs of your child learning at home and upload onto Early Essence. Thank you

Muhammad writing

Look at this super writing that one of our children has written at home. This is fantastic. I love the way that he has used his imagination to write a story about the chicks. We also love the way that he has used his phonic knowledge to sound words out and spelt the tricky words correctly. Fantastic. Thank you for sharing.

Maryam sign

Some more super writing at home as one of our children writes a sign for her bedroom door!! We love the way that she has used her phonics knowledge to write the words. Well done!


We are so proud to share this very special video which shows one of our super class mates walking out with the Leeds Rhinos. What an amazing experience. We are so proud of you!


We are so pleased to share these fantastic pictures of a wonderful birthday celebration with their friends and family. The children had a visit from the real Belle and had two fantastic cakes made. Thank you for sharing!

mati blue penguin

Here is Blue Penguin enjoying playing in the snow with one of our classmates! The children love taking it in turns to take Blue Penguin home for the night! 

sana chicks

Here is one of our classmates doing some fantastic writing at home. Her Mummy works in our Nursery and took their chicks home for the weekend. 

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