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This half term we became explorers. We explored a range of things including ice, things trapped in ice and the best way to get them out, the change in weather, the difference in ourselves and what we celebrate and also different animals and their habitats. We looked at different ice castles and palaces and had a go at making our own. We made them out of sugar cubes, bricks and real ice. Unfortunately we did not get very much real snow this half term so we were not able to explore the real snow outside. However, we explored our pretend snow and counted snowflakes, matched number to quantity on the snowflakes and recognised how we could make marks to count snowflakes. We enjoyed making penguin pictures and also penguins and polar bears that moved. We had to use different materials including split pins and a hole punch to make the legs and wings move!

We made our water tray in to the Antarctica for our penguins. The penguins were counted, had fish with letter sounds on to fish out and eat and also had a range of materials to make icebergs and balance them carefully! The penguins (and children) had a great time!

We created our own igloo in nursery too! We used our outdoor classroom and had pretend snow on the ground, fishing pools and had to wear our coats. We used the Ipads to work out how we could get our food thinking about how the scientists that go there get their food!

Thank You

We would like to thank you all for the lovely Christmas cards, gifts and well wishes. We are very grateful and hope you all had a lovely break.

New Starters

We would like to welcome our new starters this half term. We cannot believe how fantastically these children have settled in and formed friendships. We cannot wait to get to know you a little bit more and continue to see you grow and learn in our nursery!

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