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Family Worship Videos

Whilst we are unable to welcome parents and other family members to our Family Worship on Monday mornings, our video assemblies can be found here.

16.11.2020. Divali

05.10.2020. Feelings and Emotions

28.09.2020 Heroes

23.11.2020. Daniel & the Lion's Den

Christmas Tree December 2020

Creation 19.04.21.

Creation 19.04.2021.mp4

The Ten Commandments 26.04.21.

The Ten Commandments 26.04.21.mp4

Respect Property 17.05.21.

Respect Property 17.05.21.mp4

Jesus Calms The Storm 07.06.21.

Jesus Calms The Storm - Trust.mp4

Fear 21.06.21.

Fear 18.06.21.mp4

Who do you listen to? 28.06.21.

Who do I Trust 28.06.21 Final.mp4

God's Promise 05.07.21.

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