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There are three key areas of learning in the English curriculum:

  • Learning to speak;
  • Learning to read;
  • Learning to write.

This page, as it develops, will help you to understrand the approach we take at Batley Parish towards achieving these key objectives.

Power of Reading

The Power of Reading is a text based approach to learning in English that aims to emerse children in a book for an extended period of time, increasing children's engagement in reading and writing. For more information please visit our Power of Reading page.


In their initial stages of learning to read, children learn to develop their phonics (the sounds made by letters) knowledge. Please visit our phonics page for further information.


At Batley Parish, we hold handwriting and godd presentation in the highest regard. We believe that children who are proud of the way they present their work achieve more highly than those who don't.

For more information visit our handwriting page by clicking here.

Long Term Planning

Under Construction

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