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Helpful Heroes

This half term we have been learning about helpful heroes. We started the topic learning about superheroes. The children took this to a fantastic level when they started searching on the internet for pictures and information about superheroes and they created some fantastic collages too! They built their own scenarios so that the superheroes could come and help out. This was then followed by and interest some of the children had in the story 'Supertato'. Evil Pea from the story was all over our classroom. You would not believe the trouble he got into! On one occasion he was hiding everywhere. The children had to go on a hunt and use positional language to hunt him down. They colour mixed blue and yellow to create their own pictures of Evil Pea and combined media giving him googly eyes and frizzy hair!

We were then lucky enough to have a visit from the police and a look at a fire engine. The children loved seeing some real superheroes from our community. We cannot thank the fire brigade and police enough! The children had their own police station within the classroom and in the workshop are created some amazing representations of fire engines, police cars and ambulances!

We are now hoping some of our parents and carers may come in and talk to us about a job they do! It is lovely for the children to see that some parents have helpful jobs too!

Home School Books

Our home school books went out this half term with some activity sheets in for 'Helpful Heroes'. We cannot wait to get them back and look at the fantastic work in them!

New Starters

We would like to welcome our new children and their families to our nursery. The children are settling well and have now been allocated a key person. Please speak to a member of the team if you have any questions or concerns.

Stay and Play

Our 'Stay and Play' this half term is going to be on Wednesday 24th May 1:00-2:00 and Thursday 25th May 9:00-10:00. Please remember if you child does not attend on these sessions you are more than welcome to bring them along for the 'Stay and Play'.

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