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At Batley Parish, we use a positive behaviour system using Class Dojo. Each child in school has an avatar which belongs to them. Our teachers and other adults in school award children with ‘Dojo’ points when they display good behaviour. Most positive behaviours will earn a child 1 Dojo point but if a child demonstrates a Growth Mindset, they will earn 2 points. Displaying one of our Christian values is worth 3 points. Here is an example of the avatars used in school and some of the behaviours that are rewarded, (These avatars are not real children in school)

Demo pupilsDemo awards

On Fridays, children have the opportunity to spend their Dojo points at our Batley Parish Dojo Shop. Children can exchange their Dojo points for Dojo Dollars and prizes range between $25 and $150.

Dojo DOllars

Our children tell us that they really enjoy the Dojo shop. Here are some of the things that children tell us about the Dojo shop.


Our Dojo system also allows teachers and leaders within school to see how well children have been behaving. They can identify trends and patterns which enable them to work closely to support pupils and ensure that their behaviour enables them to access the best learning possible.

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