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Testing Information for School Staff

From the 25th of January, twice weekly lateral flow testing is available for all school staff. The information on this page is to support our school staff with the process.

How often do i need to take a test?

You need to take the test twice each week, preferably before school. In the first instance, whilst you are getting used to the test equipment, it is recomended that the test is taken in the evening.

Video Guidance

Please click here to view videos to support the testing process.

How do I report a test result?

You need to report each test result twice:

  1. To the NHS Test and Trace service - click here 
  2. To the school reporting system - the link to this has been sent to your telephone via a text message.

What do I do if i run out of testing materials?

Each box ocntains enough materials for seven tests - usually enough for 3.5 weeks. However, if you record any void results you will need additional testing materals more quickly. Please see the headteacher each time you need a new box. All test kits have to be recorded when handed out so never help yourself. if the headteacher is not available.

Who is eligible to take part?

All members of school staff can take part in rapid asymptomatic testing except those who have had a positive test for covid-19 within the last 90 days. For those staff, once the 90 day period has expired, they can take part in rapid testing.

Do I have to take part in rapid testing?

No. Particiaptation is encouraged but it is also voluntary.

Can I keep my test kit in school?

No. Once they have been assigned, staff must take them home and carry out the tests at home following the guidance in the leaflets provided.

my rapid test result is positive, what do i do now?

In the event of your rapid test result being positive, you must self-isolate in line with goverment guidance immediately. You should also confirm your positive test result on the recording systems mentioned above and telephone the headteacher to inform him. You should now book a  swab test  immediately. Please click here.

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