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Mental Health and Wellbeing - Supporting our community through the corona virus outbreak

It's ok to not be ok!

If you’re worried about the impact of coronavirus on your mental health, you are not alone. The COVID-19 pandemic is a new and uncertain time for all of us and will affect our mental health in different ways. However you are feeling right now is valid. With the right help and support, we can get through this. Here is our web page where you can access links to websites helping you stay mentally healthy during this difficult time and at all other times.

Useful links and websites

Northorpe Hall Child & Family Trust is an independent  charity, working closely with NHS and Kirklees Council health and care services to support the health and wellbeing of children, young people and families .

Several different workshops supporting mental health are being delivered by Northorpe Hall over the coming weeks, some for children and young people and some for parents and carers. These will be held via Zoom video conferencing.  Please click the link below for further details and to book yourself or your child a place.


The Anna Freud website is also very informative, it has a parents and carers section.


During this time, many of us may be experiencing a range of emotions. To support young people with this, Young Minds have released this information:


You may also find this general information on the Young Minds website useful. The Young Minds A-Z covers a wide-range of areas including anxiety, anger, gender identity, divorce, self-esteem and much more. It is available via the direct link below:


As adults, it is also important for us to take care of ourselves. This website may be useful:



Please note there is also a Parent Contact section that includes a telephone number as well as contact form:


Coronavirus social stories (that help explain to children what is happening)



Kirklees Services Directory

Thriving Kirklees includes Northorpe Hall, NHS South West Yorkshire Partnership, Locala, Home Start, Yorkshire Children’s Centre – 0300 304 5555 (Chat Health text for parent/carers 07520 618867, for young people 07520 618866 https://www.thrivingkirklees.org.uk/

SALT – Concerns with speech and language for young people: https://www.locala.org.uk/your-healthcare/childrens-speech-language-therapy/

KIAS – Information, advice and support relating to a young person aged 0-25’s special educational needs or disability http://www.kias.org.uk/

SEND – Kirklees Local Offer – gives children and young people aged 0-25 with special educational needs or disabilities, and their families information about what is available in Kirklees across education, health and social care; https://www.kirklees.gov.uk/beta/local-offer/the-local-offer.aspx

Kirklees Safeguarding Children’s Board – https://www.kirkleessafeguardingchildren.co.uk/


For Young People under 19

KOOTH – Free, safe and anonymous online counselling support for 11+ www.kooth.com

Barnardos Young Carers – young carers 8-18 years https://www.barnardos.org.uk/what-we-do/supporting-young-people

Youth Services Brunswick Centre – HIV support and LGBT Project supporting young people and their parents/carers  https://www.thebrunswickcentre.org.uk/services/youth-services

The Base – drug and alcohol support service for people up to 21yrs old and support for parents and carers. They also have a Hidden Harm Project providing support for young people who have concerns about parent /carers struggling with drug/alcohol issues, Alice Quarterless-Oates is the NTH lead for this. https://kirkleesinrecovery.com/services/cgl-thebase/

Luke’s Lads – Mental Health Support groups for males ages 11+ to 15 in addition to adults https://www.lukeslads.co.uk

Butterflies – Mental Health Support Group for females ages 11+ to 15 in addition to adults https://www.butterfliesmentalhealth.co.uk/

Yorkshire Children’s Trust – Primarily set up by parents to support families of children with cancer, they now offer counselling for children and young people. They also offer respite breaks for families. https://www.yctrust.uk/

Help at Batley Parish School

It's important not to forget that school is always there for our families too. Our team is happy to support any member of our school community in any way we can. Please contact school if you have any concerns or queries and ask to speak to Mrs Tracy Bairstow (Family Liaison Officer) or Mrs Rachel Gillow (SENCO & Wellbeing Lead).

Please call us directly on 01924 574019 (please be aware that there is no answer machine option on this number so if your call isn't answered then ring school in the usual way).

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