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Welcome To Class Three!


Meet the Team ....

Class Three Representatives 

Class Three are proud to introduce you to our school councilors and Class governor. They work very hard to ensure that our voice is heard within school. 

Class Timetable

Things to Remember ...

In order to allow your child to access all aspects of their learning throughout the week, they need to remember these things everyday:

  • Book bag 
  • Reading record book
  • PE kit (Tuesdays and Fridays)   


Every week your child will be given English, Maths and spelling homework on a Friday.  They have a homework grid in their books to track what they have completed whilst also highlighting ongoing projects that are linked to their current topics. Homework is a way of keeping you informed about what your child has been learning throughout the week, whilst also allowing them to practise methods and skills that they have been taught.  We would greatly appreciate it if homework is returned for the following Wednesday so that we are able to mark and return it on time. 

Class Three Learning 

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