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Reading At Batley Parish

At Batley Parish we teach reading as a discrete subject. Reading skills are taught in whole class lessons from Y2 to Y6 with the aim of teaching children to be succedssful active readers.. The diagram below shows the complex skills children need to acquire to become confident active readers.

Reading Knowledge

We use a range of reading characters to help children to understand the different types of learning required in their lessons.

Reading Characters

Reading Passports

We have selected a range of texts of different genres that we think children shopuld read in each year group from Reception to Yera 6. These form our reading passports. When children have completed a book, they get a new stamp in their passport. There are nine books to read in each year group.


The School Library

Our school library is managed entirely by our volunteer librarians, who are pupils in Y5 and Y6. Within the library is a range of fiction and non-fiction texts.. Fiction texts are organised into 4 colours:

Purple - Challenging texts that are suitable for Y5 and Y6 readers.

Blue - Shorter novels and some challenging picture books pitched at children in Y3 and Y4.

Green - Books suitable for KS1 and some Reception children.

Orange - Books for emerging readers.

Celebrating Reading

World Book day is a huge event at Batley Parish. In 2021 we enjoyed our World Book Day celebration on 8th March. The day we fully reopened. You can see our virtual parade video below. Next year, let's hope it's the real deal!

World Book Day Virtual Parade 2021.mp4
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