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Walking Home Without An Adult

Our school is surrounded by busy roads with minimal traffic calming measures provided. Therefore we do not permit children to walk home without a responsible adult until they reach Year Six.

The decision to allow children to walk home at this points belongs to parents. We recognise that this is an important step in a child's development, gaining important independance and life skills before the tranistion to high school.

If you would like your Year Six child to walk home on their own, a letter form parents must be sent to the Year Six teacher explaining this.

By writing this letter, parents recognise that the responsibility for their child walking home safely from school is their own. School staff are not responsible for a child once they leave.

High standards of behaviour are still expected form children in these cicumstances. Incidents of poor behaviour or bullying will be dealt with in the same wy that they would if they had happened in school.

We will contact parents in the event of a child displaying unsafe behaviours, whilst walking alone, to discuss what actions can be taken by the parents to ensure their child's safety.

Children must not be walking alone to empty houses..

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