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What is Phonics?

Starting in Early Years, children are taught phonics; the journey of learning to read, write and spell. These vital skills, are the beginning of a lifelong literacy journey. 

Your child will recieve a daily session of phonics at 9:15am each day or 12:15pm depending on whether they are a morning or afternoon child. In 

If you need any additional support, please feel free to email Mrs Aka or Miss Chothia who will happily help in anyway possible.

Naadhirah.chothia@kirkleeseducation.uk or Rebecca.adams@kirkleeseducation.uk

Listening Games

 At Batley Parish Nursery the children learn all about Environmental Sounds, Instrumental Sounds, Body Percussion, Rhythm and Rhyme, Alliteration, Voice Sounds and Oral Blending and Segmenting

Please let us know if you have any questions or need any clarity. 



Some Examples of phonics Activities

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We make listening ears for ourdoor listening walks!

download (2)

We use instruments to copy sounds, hide and find and guess the noise.


We sing songs with body actions!


We make 'silly rhyming soup'. 


We sort objects into hoops and baskets based on their initial sounds.

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We use voice cards to practise making our voice make different noises!

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We feed a robot segmented (sounded out) and blended (all of the sounds pushed together) pictures. For example, a picture of a cat, we would practise segmenting it c-a-t and also blend those sounds together to say the word cat. 

Additional Information

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