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Mission Statement

In  the Reception class we learn through play and exploration both indoors and outdoors.  Our classroom is always an exciting place to learn and it changes regularly to reflect our needs and interests. We are busy, independent and active learners who are able to make our own choices, think critically and be imaginative.  We have exciting topics that we learn about but we also follow our own interests and ideas.  Our classroom is a busy, lively and exciting place to learn with our friends and our teachers. We follow the golden rules which include persevering and trying our best, treating others and the environment with respect, having a go, taking care of our fantastic resources and being kind to others. 

Our School Day

In the Reception Class the children learn through play and exploration. The classroom provides a range of different areas both indoors and outdoors that children can access freely. We also then plan a balance of adult led and child initiated activities. Children are supported when they are in provision and it is the role of the adult to facilitiate, support or extend learning and observe children in their play. Throughout the school year our timetable changes to respond to children's needs. In the Autumn term children have the opportunity to work in small focused groups and to access the indoor and outdoor provision. By the Summer term , we help to prepare children for their transition into Year One by planning whole class learning in the morning and access to the continuous provision in the afternoon. Please find a copy of our timetables below. 

Learning Together Mornings

Our learning together sessions are loved by the children, parents and teacher alike! Here is what the children had to say about them;


Our Learning Environment

Our classroom is a well organised and exciting place to learn. There are seperate areas of provision which the children are able to access independently. Each area of provision is well planned and resourced and is designed to enable children to learn a range of different skills and knowledge.  These areas include; a self serving snack area, malleable/dough area, small construction, writing, maths, reading and phonics, ICT, role-play, design and making, collage, art, finger gym and a music area. Each half term these areas of provison are enhanced to reflect our topic and to respond to your child's interests or needs. You can see below how our classroom changes to reflect different topics.

We also have a fantastic outdoor classroom and an outdoor area which has been recently improved. The outdoor area is a space that reflects the indoors and children are able to access the curriculum on a wider scale. It too is a well planned space where we plan activities and we enhance areas of provision to reflect the needs and interests of the children. 

We now have a fantastic new mud kitchen, a large outdoor sand pit and a wonderful reading hut. Children are able to access the outdoor areas daily and are able to learn and explore the wonderful world that the great outdoors provides. The outdoors is also vitally important for children to develop their gross motor skills and we provide lots of exciting resources that support your child's physical development. We have bikes, large tyres for climbing, wooden benches, bats and different sized footballs. There are opportunities to develop children's fine motor skills such as,  threading, mark making  round, rollers and buckets of water to develop children's shoulder strength and opportunities for throwing and catching. 

Our Learning

Parents as Partners

At Batley Parish J I N C of E School we believe strongly in developing effective relationships with parents as partners in order to enhance a child's learning and development. We take time to get to know you and your child so that we can work together to achieve the best outcomes for each child. We run weekly 'learning together' sessions where you can come and spend time learning with your child. These sessions allow you to find out how your child is learning at school and how you can extend this at home. These sessions also enable you to discuss your child's progress with a member of staff. Miss James and the Early Years Practitioners are approachable and friendly and we are happy to help any answer any questions or talk to you about how to support your child's learning and development at home. 

We invite you to come and meet us at our welcome meeting which is held in the Summer term before your child starts school in the September. We also run stay and play sessions during the second half of the summer term where your child can come and meet their new teacher and explore their new classroom. If your child does not attend our Nursery then we will also arrange to come and visit them in their setting.

In the Autumn term we run parents evenings which allows us to discuss with you how your child has settled into school and discuss how we will be supporting their learning and development. We also also run a Parents Early Reading workshop so that you can find out about how your child learns to read at school. We provide lots of tips on how to make the teaching phonics and reading  at home fun! 

Each half term we also send home a topic web, which explains what the topic will be that term and what we will be learning to do at school. We also send a homework grid with different activities that you can choose to do with your child at home. This is a brilliant way to share your child's learning at home. 

Finally, we send home a class newsletter each week where we share with you what your children have been learning to do at school.

We also like to share lots of photographs of what and how your child has been learning here on our website so please take a look!

Useful Documents

Home-School Learning

We believe very strongly in the importance of supporting children's learning and development at home. We send home a homework grid each half term with lots of practical and fun activities for you and your child to do at home. We collect homework books in each Friday and the children love to share their work with us. 

We also encourage you to read with your child on a regular basis as this really does help to support their confidence and fluency in reading. By the end of the Reception year, children are expected to read and understand simple sentences and use their phonic knowledge to decode words and read them with accuracy. Children will recieve a reading book each week and we will change these books each Thursday. By the end of the Reception year, children are also expected to read some common irregular words by sight. We have provided these words for you to practice at home in the main entrance of our classroom. Please help yourself.  We also teach children how to use a range of reading strategies to support their fluency in reading. We have attached a copy of these below. Children are encouraged to use the pictures to find clues to decode words,  use their memory to remember sight words, sound out words, skip a word to help a sentence make sense and look for words within words. All of these strategies help children become more fluent and confident readers. 

Learning at Home!

Here are are some wonderful photographs of our children learning at home with their families. We love to hear about all of the exciting things that children get to do when they are not in school. Please feel free to email your photographs to Miss James. 


eva xmas 2

Eva decorates her Christmas tree at home with her family get ready to celebrate this special occasion.

finley shop

Making a shop at home just like the one at school! 

finleys shop sign

Making a sign for his shop! What fantastic writing!

rayhan rocket

Using his scissors carefully to make a model of a rocket at home!


Whilst being poorly at home with chicken pox, he has been busy ordering numbers! Wow! 

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