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Welcome to our school


We would like to give you a huge welcome to Batley Parish JIN C of E School. We are delighted that your child has been allocated a place with us to start in September and we can’t wait to get to know you all.

Usually at this point we would be able to invite you to a parent’s meeting in the school where you would have the opportunity to meet your child's teacher and look around the classroom. Sadly due to COVID we are not able to offer this to you at the moment. However, we are planning a series of virtual Zoom meetings which will be informative and give you the opportunity to find out about your child's Reception Year. 

In the meantime, we will keep you well informed and share lots of information on these pages. You can also look at our Reception Class Twitter page. You can find this on the school home page


A Message From Your Headteacher

Under normal circumstances starting school is an anxious time for all families. At Batley Parish, we have developed excellent systems to ensure that this important transition is as smooth as possible for children and parents. However, 2021 has been anything but normal! We will be inviting you to a virtual welcome meeting on Thursday 8th July at 6.30pm, details of which can be found below. We have also planned a staggered start for your child in September to ensure that you will have the opportunity to meet your child's teacher and visit the classroom safely. We very much look forward to getting to know all of the children and their families. 

Welcome Zoom meeting

We would like to invite you all to a virtual zoom meeting on Thursday 8th July at 6.30pm. Please find the link to this meeting below. We will shorty be sending you all a letter with details of how to log into this meeting with an  ID Meeting code and a password. This meeting is for parents and carers to attend and will provide you with lots of information about your child starting school. We hope that it will be an informative session and we hope that you can all attend.  Here is the link to the meeting below






Welcome Information

You will find lots of useful and important documents on this page that we would normally be sharing with you in person. However, please take the time to browse through the information provided. We have tried to provide all the information that you will need to help prepare your child for starting school. Below you will find a copy of our School Welcome booklet that contains all of the relevant information that you need. We have also provided a copy of our Welcome meeting document which we normally share with you at the meeting. If you have any questions or queries relating to this information please contact the school office on 01924 326361 and we will be more than happy to help you.

We would also like to invite you to a virtual welcome meeting which will be held on Zoom on Thursday 8th July at 6.30pm. Details have been sent in the post and you will find a copy of the letter below. 

Meet your class teacher

Hello, my name is Miss James and I am really excited to be your child's Class teacher in September. I really love teaching children in the Early years and I have done this now for a very long time, having taught both in the nursery and the Reception class.  I am also an Auntie to two nephews and one niece and so I am kept very busy. I was fortunate enough to teach my nephew at Batley Parish Nursery, He is now twelve years ago but I remember how important those early years were for him.  He still loves to spend lots of time outdoors as you can see in the photograph below of both us both enjoying the snow!  I have worked at the school for over ten years and I have lots of experience teaching children in the Early Years.   I believe passionately in young children learning through well structured and purposeful  play. I take great pride in leading a highly skilled, knowledgable and incredibly hard working team of people who work tirelessly to give children the best start to their education, We are very proud that in our last OFTSED report that we were graded as good. We strive every day to ensure the quality of teaching and learning and to ensure that every child makes good or better progress from their starting points.

I am also the Early Years Leader for the School and that means I am part of the Senior Leadership Team. I work alongside the KS1 Leader  and the Deputy Headteacher to support the Headteacher and the vision of the school. 

We are sure that your child will really enjoy starting their new reception class journey with us in September and we cannot wait to meet them. 

SNow day

Important Information

We have provided lots of useful information below that you may find useful to help prepare you and your child for starting school. Here you will find lots of useful hints and tips of how to support your child's transition to starting school. We know that this can be an anxious time for both you and your child and we hope that the information below will help you to prepare for your child starting school.  

Who are the Adults In My Class?

We have an amazing team of adults who support Miss James in providing your child with the best start to their education..

Miss James is supported by two Early Years Practitioners who work alongside her to deliver high quality teaching and learning. 

Mrs Saloo is a very experienced member of the team. She has vast knowledge of working with children and she is highly skilled at teaching your child. Mrs Saloo is also a Cover Supervisor for our school, which means that she covers Class teachers from Nursery to Year Six in their absence. 

Mrs Daji is also a very experienced member of the team. She has worked in the Early Years, KS1 and KS2. Mrs Daji loves imaginative play and is wonderful at creating pretend play. She is also a HLTA ( Higher Level Teaching Assistant) and she teaches Year 5 and 6 on a Tuesday afternoon. Mrs Daji has also completed the NELI speech and language training..

Your child will also be taught by Miss Chothia every Wednesday afternoon to cover Miss James who has leadership time.  Most of the children will know Miss Chothia as she is one of our Nursery Teachers. and so will be familiar to some of your children,  She is responsible for teaching ICT and Music every Wednesday.

Finally, your child will recieve a weekly session of P.E every Wednesday morning and this is taught by Mrs Halmshaw. Mrs Halmshaw is a highly experienced PE Teacher and has a passion for this subject. They will be taught a range of fundamental skills including throwing, catching, balancing and coordination. Your child will recieve a free Batley Parish draw string P.E bag in which to put their P.E Kit. Your child will recieve this when they start school in September.



Our Classroom Environment

We pride ourselves at Batley Parish JIN School that we make our classrooms creative and fun that engage young learners. We follow topics each half term that will engage and excite your child. The children are taught through a well balanced range of child initiated and adult led activities. They are taught Phonics, Literacy and Maths on a daily basis. We also ensure that children are read at least twice a day and we share high quality picture books with them. Your child is able to explore the indoor and outdoor classroom. They have access to the outdoor classroom on a daily basis where they can explore and learn about the world around them. All you need is a pair of wellington boots and a waterproof coat and you can enjoy our outdoor classroom! .

Our indoor classroom is organsied into different areas of provision. For example, we have a home corner where your child can make believe and pretend with their friends. We have a junk modelling area where they learn how to fasten materials together and create models using tape and staplers.  We have an interactive maths area where your child can find lots of fun number and shape games. We have also have playdough and lots of play dough tools. We have a large art area where children can make paintings, collages and drawings.  We have a wonderful book corner where you can sit and enjoy a range of different books! Sometimess our book corner becomes space themed with rocket and torches to read in the dark!  We also have a writing area where you can draw and label your pictures, but we also encourage that children write and draw in all areas of the classroom. We always have a themed role-play area and this year we have had a Doctors roleplay area, a Chinese cafe, a space rocket and a pirate ship! We really value the importance of role-play in supporting your child's communication and language.  

In our outdoor classroom we have a range of different activities that your child can access. We offer messy play such as gloop, silly soap and wet sand. We also use this space to plant and care for our seeds. We also use this space to create our wonderful role-play Space ship in the Autumn term and pirate ship in the Summer term! It is a great addition to the classroom!  Outdoors we have a large play area which offers the children a wide selection of resouces.  We offer these resources in our self service sheds so that children can access them independently. We have some wonderful large wooden bricks so if you enjoy building you will love these!  Just remember to wear your builders hat! We also like to look and talk about the world around us. We have a beautiful blossom tree in the middle of our playground where we can observe its changes throughout school year. We like to look for bugs and insects hidden under the logs. We also have a wooden tree house and a super mud kitchen!! We learn to read, write, count and draw outdoors. We play skittles, hide and seek, we go on word hunts and count forwards and backwards on the giant numberlines! Have a look at the photographs below and talk to your child about what areas of provision they may want to explore when they start school..

aew and wonder

Our Fantastic Learning ENvironment Enables ALl of our unique Learners!

We work tirelessly to create an innovative, fun, inspiring and creative learning environment both indoors and outdoors that enables all children to learn, play, explore, have a go, make choices, develop criticial thinking and solve problems. Each half term we have a new topic and a selection of fantastic stories and books that hook your child into their new topic! We truly value the importance of books and we re-read these stories to your child to develop their vocabulary and understanding. We learn about Space, Dinosaurs, People Who Help Us. Traditional tales and Pirates! Each half term our classroom is enhanced to reflect our new learning. The children are very much engaged in this process, for example they help to construct a pirate ship and make props such as eye patches, hats, parrots, portholes and even a cutlass to act out with their friends. We really want the children to take ownership of their learning environment. We have added a selection of photographs below for you to share with your child. We would also encourage you to join our class twitter page which you can find on the home page of this website! We hope you can see how much fun the children have and how aspirational we make their learning. 

School Uniform


At Baltey Parish your child will wear a uniform. We can order school jumpers/ cardigans, polo shirts and book bags from the office. We have included an order form in your welcome pack. Children will need to wear;

  • Blue cardigan/ jumper with / without the school logo
  • White polo shirt ( with or without the school logo)
  • Grey or navy skirt / dress or trousers
  • A pair of school shoes. ( Pumps are NOT required for children to change into as we no longer ask them to wear indoor shoes.)
  • School shoes ( Grey/Black without logos or brand names, preferably without laces as children need to get dressed and undressed by themselves. Velcro is brilliant !
  • A school book bag. ( These can be ordered from school)
  • A P.E Kit. white tshirt/ navy shorts./ pair of pumps for indoor sessions and trainers for outdoor sessions.
  • A P.E bag will be provided for your child when they start school
  • A pair of wellington boots that are left at school for outdoor play
  • Waterproof trousers  for outdoor play 
  •  A spare set of underwear can also be left on your child's peg in case they need to change during the day
  • A water bottle is provided for every child
  • Children also need to wear a coat to school each day and preferably a waterproof one with a hood so that they can play outdoors in all weathers!
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