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All Creatures Great and Small

This half term we have been observing some tadpoles in our class. We have enjoyed sequencing the life cycle of a frog and also talking about how they grow and change. We have talked about how to look after living things and we were lucky enough that Jenson brought his pet Praying Mantis in for us to look at. Jenson and his mummy talked about what 'Blaze' likes to eat and how they look after him. We then enjoyed making our own booklets about looking after animals. We went on minibeast hunts this half term and compared the different minibeasts we found in different weather. It was interesting to see how many extra worms we found on a rainy day! Reception class had eggs this half term. We kept watching the eggs and when they finally hatched we were thrilled to see that they were baby chickens! The chicks brought us lots of joy and we enjoyed watching them grow before they had to return to the farm. We then created our own chicks using various materials too!

We learnt a lot about Easter this half term too. Mrs Jennings, Miss Dack and Miss Underhill even acted out the Easter story for us! It was amazing to see how well we remembered the story after acting it out. Some of us even had a go at acting out too. We enjoyed waving the palm leaves and trying to help Jesus!


We had an unfortunate event this half term where our bicycles were stolen in the holidays. Joseph's daddy found a charity called Streetbikes who kindly donated 11 bikes to us. We cannot thank Streetbikes and Joseph's family enough! Please have a look at their website to see what fantastic events they do at http://www.streetbikes.org.uk/.

Home School Books

We were overwhelmed by the effort that went in to home school books this half term. Thank you so much for all of the time and effort you have spent on them!

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