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Helpful Heroes

This term our topic is called 'Helpful Heroes,' and we will be learning about people who help us in our community. We will also be reading lots of exciting stories about superheroes, which should create lots of excitement and intrigue in our learning. Please find a copy of our topic web below which illustrates what we will be learning in this topic. We will continue to share lots of photographs of what we have been doing at school for you to share with your child at home!!

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Please find a copy of our weekly newsletters for this half term

Useful Documents

Please find below copies of activities that we have been doing at school that you can download and complete with your child at home. If you require any support or have any questions, please feel free to speak to a member of our team. Thank you

A visit from the police

We would like to give a really big thank you to PC Mark Edkins and PC Sara Edkins who came to visit our children in the Nursery and the Reception class to talk about their job as police officers. PC Sara showed the children the uniform that she has to wear and the children and the teachers enjoyed dressing up as police officers. She talked to the children about what a police officer does and how they keep safe. PC Mark brought the police car and the children were able to sit inside and listen to the very loud siren. It was a fantastic morning and we learnt lots about the important job that police officers do in our community. Addison was very proud of her Mummy and Daddy and even brough her baby sister. A big thankyou to the Edkins family. 

Learning at Home!

We would like to share with you what the children have been learning to do at home and any of their exciting news! 

addison and darcie(1)

Congratulations to ******** and her family on the birth of her new baby sister who is called Darcie Edie Edkins who was born on ots 24th March 2017. We wish all of the family lots of love and happiness together.

finley and his family may day(2)

A family fun day out to Haworth and a ride on a steam train! 

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Super learning at home. She has been making gingerbread biscuits and planting potatoes! Fantastic!! 

Addisons homework making a fruit kebab(1)

Making tasty fruit kebabs at home. She has used lots of different coloured fruit! We have been learning about having different coloured food on our plate! It looks really yummy and healthy!

If you would like to share any photographs of what your child has been learning at home, please email them to Miss James


Alternatively you can print the pictures out and put them into your child's home-school book.

There are lots of exciting activities on this half term's topic web so check it out!

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Enjoying a family holiday to Egypt during the Easter holidays!

addison making police car

Making a junk model of a police car at home! 

zainabs spellings

What a fantastic way to practise your weekly spellings! A child from our class has made these flashcards using cardboard at home to help her learn how to spell the words! We love this idea! 

Learning Together Mornings

We have a learning together session every week where we invite you to come and share our lovely classroom with your children. The sesssions are a really useful way of finding out what your child is learning at school and we hope to provide you with information about how you can support their learning at home. We understand how busy your lives are and we appreciate it is not always easy to come each week but hope that you can attend some of the sessions as it really does benefit your child's learning and development and they are great fun! 

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