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Collective Worship


We hold a number of special services throughout the school year. These include services that conclude each ter at Christmas, Easter and for Y6 leavers. There is also a special Harvest Festival service in the Autumn and occasional services to mark significant events.

Family Worship

Each Monday morning at 9:10am family members are invited to attend our Family Worship. These are led by Mr Sunter, Reverend Bish, or children from across the school. We sing a song and reflect on how we can apply our school Christian vision and values to make our lives and the lives of others even better. 

Special Services

Tuesday - Head Teacher Collective Worship

Tuesday morning worship is led by Mr Sunter. We sing a song, learn about upcoming events and share stories that reflect our Christian values.

Wednesday - Teachers Collective Worship

The Deputy Headteacher leads the Wednesday worship 50% of weeks. On alternative weeks the worship is led by a different teacher on rotation.


Thursday - Singing Collective Worship

On Thursday Mr Sunter leads our musical worship. We worship through our wonderful singing, practicing old favourites and learning some new songs that praise God and Jesus.

Friday - Celebration Assembly

Each Friday afternoon we celebrate our many achievements of the week including our Wow Writer award, that is given to best author in each class; the Golden Learner award for the child that shows the most determination and perseverence in each class; the handwriting hero award that is given to children in Reception class and KS1 who have made great progress in handwriting and the estrella de la semena or Spanish Star, which is the KS2 child who has tried the hardes in Spanish lessons. We also celebrate any sporting or musical achievements of the moment We also find out which member of staff has been chosen by the song spatula! If they are lucky enough to be chosen, they get to choose the song to end next week's assembly. Parents and family members are invited by invitation, if their child has earnt a reward.

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