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Contingency Planning

All schools are required to have a contingency plan in place by the end of September 2020. The purpose of the contingency plan is to outline how the school will provide remote learning to pupils in the event of partial or full closure of the school linked to coronavirus or how the school will support individual children or small groups if they need to self-isolate, whilst the rest of the school is open.

The way we plan to support children will change depending on whether it is a large closure (one or more bubbles or the whole school) or individuals or small groups self-isolating.


Tier 1

This is the plan in response to individuals or small groups of children not being able to attend school because of self-isolation or support for longer term absences relating to shielding a vulnerable family member.

Because of the workload involved in teaching a class and providing good quality home learning, we are unable to support children through Seesaw in this circumstance.

Families will be signposted to the Oak Academy website: https://classroom.thenational.academy/schedule-by-year

In addition, children will have access to other online resources, including Times Table Rockstars, Numbots and MyMaths. In Nursery, teachers will share a monthly newsletter with an activity grid.

This information will be sent via Parenthub as soon as a child’s absence is responded to by the attendance officer. A template is stored on Parenthub.


Tier 2

This part of the plan is in response to a large closure of at least one whole class.

Teachers have prepared in advance a two week unit of work which will be delivered through the Seesaw website, which we used to provide home learning during lockdown.

Each day, a new set of lessons, covering a range of subjects will be shared. Children will be able to respond to their teacher by uploading work. Teachers will be able to provide feedback on activities completed.

Because there is no live teaching, like you might see on Google Classrooms, for example, families are not tied down to a timetable set by the school. This means that if you have two children at home, but only one device to go online, you can organise your children’s schedules without clashes or if you are balancing working from home and supporting your child’s learning, you can be flexible in your timings.

Included in the learning will be links to other resources that will help your child. Some of these will be personalised to meet the needs of children with different abilities.

Details of how to access Seesaw will be sent to each family before the end of September. Login details may be different to the one you have used previously.

During the time that a bubble of children is at home, teachers will use this time to prepare a new sequence of learning in the event of a second closure.

Resources Available

Seesaw, MyMaths, White Rose Maths, Times Tables Rockstars, Numbots


Support for individual families

A small number of laptops with a 4G connection are available to support home learning for families who may experience one or more of the following issues:

  • No digital devices in their household
  • Only available device is a smartphone
  • Only have a single device in their household that’s being shared with more than one other family member
  • Do not have a fixed broadband connection at home
  • Are clinically extremely vulnerable


The loan of a laptop is based on the needs of each family and on availability. If a laptop is not available, we will aim to resolve the situation within 48 hours. By accepting a laptop, families accept the terms of the loan agreement.


Free School Meals

Where a child is isolating and that means they cannot access an income related free school meal (FSM), support can be provided by Kirklees Council through the Local Welfare Provision team. In these cases we will not seek to provide vouchers to compensate for the FSM because the parents should not be both shopping for food and isolating. We will be seeking to provide food where the family requires that sort of support and will look at a whole family response. School will contact families in receipt of income related free school meals in the event of their absence from school due to the need to self-isolate.


Supporting Families

We recognise that vulnerability in the current situation can take many forms. At Batley Parish we will endeavour to stay in touch with families who are self-isolating or absent due to school or bubble closure.

In the event of a tier 1 absence, our learning mentor will stay in touch with families who receive additional support. Class teachers are also contactable by parents, through their school email address, which is shared on class newsletters. Parents are also advised to contact school for support whilst home learning is taking place. This might include technical support or advice on how to support children with learning.

During a tier 2 closure, children will have access to daily contact with their teacher through the Seesaw site. Parents can contact teachers through their school email if required. The Learning Mentor will carry out welfare calls to families who may require additional support. In the event of a closure extending beyond 2 weeks, class teachers will make a phone call to each child’s family to offer support for home learning.


Special Educational Needs

Should children with special educational needs be involved in a tier 1 absence, parents will be advised by the class teacher how to adapt the suggested learning to meet the needs of their child. Should additional support be required, the school SENDCO will liaise with the class teacher to ensure suitable home learning is provided.

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