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Uniform at Batley Parish

At Batley Parish CE Primary Academy we believe that an affordable uniform that respects the views of our school community strengthens the Batley Parish community. We have reduced the requirement for branded uniform to a minimum. Only jumpers and book bags are now available to buy from the school office with the school logo printed on them.

These are not required and alternative items that fit our uniform colours are perfectly acceptable.

Our school’s uniform

Our school uniform is simple: Children wear:

>     Black or grey trousers, skirts or dresses,

>     Plain black shoes, ankle boots or trainers,

>     White or pale blue polo shirts,

>     Navy blue jumper or cardigan.


Summer alternatives

>     Children may wear checked blue and white summer dresses or tailored grey or black shorts.


Additional Items

Some children choose to wear clothing items of religious significance, such as head scarves. These must be navy blue or grey, in line with the rest of our uniform.

Children who wish to wear tights or leggings should wear navy blue or grey items.

There is no requirement to wear branded items at Batley Parish. School jumpers with the school logo are available but are not compulsory. Our uniform is designed to be affordable and parents are free to shop around to find the best value items for their children, as long as they are within the colour expectations listed above.



In PE lessons children should have a simple PE kit consisting of:

>       Blue or black shorts with blue or grey leggings,

>       Plain white T-shirt,

>       Trainers or plimsolls.

During colder weather children can wear a track suit over their PE kit for outdoor PE.

Governors considered the issue of changing for PE in school or children wearing PE kit on PE days. Because it was felt that learning to take responsibility for their belongings and developing their self-care are an important part of school life, Governors confirmed that the arrangement would continue, as it is now, with children changing for PE in school.



There are no colour requirements for swimming. Children may wear a swimming costume that reflects their family’s religious and or cultural beliefs. All children are required to wear a swimming cap in swimming lessons.



Children must not wear jewellery to school with the exception of watches.



Children may have long or short hair in school, however hair should be the natural colour. Long hair must be tied back with a small bobble. Large decorative hair clips or hairbands are not permitted.



All children do need a suitable bag to enable them to transport safely reading books and notes. Parents and Carers may purchase a school bookbag with the school logo. However, these are not compulsory and other book bags may be used.


Early Years

When children are in Nursery or Reception classes, it is helpful to provide your child with waterproof trousers, coat and wellington boots in order to facilitate outdoor play.

Where to purchase it

The only place to buy our jumpers and book bags with the school logo is from our school office. However, as we promote an affordable uniform, unbranded items that fit our colour scheme can be purchased from any supplier.


We keep a supply of second-hand uniform items from our unclaimed lost property and donations. If you would require support providing your child with a uniform, Please contact Mrs Bairstow, our Learning Mentor. Alternatively, the BBEST Community Hub (the collective organisation for our local schools’ group in Batley and Birstall) operate a uniform exchange. Please visit: https://www.bbesthub.uk/Directory/Uniform-Exchange/

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